Sonshine Kids Preschool Ministry

Preschool -  all ages in one room beginning fall 2024Subtitle

Potty trained: recognizing when he/she needs to potty AND getting to the potty.

80% self sufficient

We have two potty breaks in the schedule.  Students must be willing to "try".  If the student "fights the teacher" on the potty, he/she may not be developmentally ready to participate in a classroom style setting.

The children will learn:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Classroom Experience
  • STEM Activities
  • Learning Through Play 
  • Alphabet Capital Recognition (Out of Order)
  • Counting and Number Recognition
  • Lots of Playing Together and Social Skills
  • God's Love For People/Bible Learning
  • Science Experiments
  • Colors and Shapes
  • Spiritual Foundations
  • Music Appreciation
  • Phonics

This class will have LOTS of hands-on learning centers which focus on fine motor skills while learning letters or numbers or patterning.  We believe preschool should be FUN and help kids learn in their playful style.